2 weeks walking around NYC and Toronto, Canada all day, taking pictures trying new food, buying things, is in fact more tiring than relaxing! Snapped alot of pictures, uploaded a selected few (which is still alot!), the pictures can be viewed at:

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We just reached New York City, longest flight of our lifes but Thai Airways is all good. Had some slight glitches with some problematic immigrations officers but all is fine. Here’s some of the pics taken from our hotel and what’s overlooking it:

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Fantasy Interactive, once creators of everything rich media and Flash, who delivered the very famous Road Runner and MTV.com entirely in Flash, have shifted their technological direction and focus towards delivering more sites with HTML and AJAX.

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Hot off the stoves, Apple had just released it’s new line of iMacs, processor speed now at a whopping 3.06GHz!! Released in the U.S. and might probably take a few days or weeks to ship to Singapore, makes us just want to buy it!

Here’s the specs to make you drool (source from AppleInsider):

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Finally a 3rd version coming soon. FCUKstar awards is in my opinion, a direct alternative to the FWA. Both features outstanding websites but the selection criteria is a little different. The FWA is geared towards more media rich websites with 3D and video content while FCUKstar gives credit to websites with a much sleeker feel.

Version 3 coming later, not sure how late is later, but be sure to look out!



Check out Hi-ReS! interview by Apple. Hi-ReS!, founded by Florian Schmitt and Alexandra Jugovic, his wife and creative partner in 1999 and recently acquired by Syzygy Group, builds its intriguingly imperfect, immersive experiences with the help of Mac applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Studio, Logic, and Autodesk Maya. â??The Mac puts everything in one place,â? says Hi-ReS! Creative Director Florian Schmitt. He also mentioned that for the first time they’re able to do anything anywhere with the new line of Macbook Pro. Apparently the new powerful line of Macbook Pros are capable of being a substitute for desktop machines. Find out more about their creative processes.


Tired of pressing “Shift” or “Ctrl/Cmd” while clicking on the search results just so the site will launch in a new window or tab?

Here’s a useful tip where most of us missed out, you can actually set your searching preference via this small link on the right of the search box:

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It took me 7 years as a flash designer to realise that optimising a flash web banner is an art. Yes web banners are just web banners, they sound easy to develop but trust me, it’s not when your flash banner is byte critical and have to appear on Yahoo or other advertising channels and the file size restriction is 30kb even if your brief basically says “we need to include everything! Not sure how it can be done but it must be done”.

Here’s one that I developed for the movie 30 Days of Night (click on banner to replay) for Qais Consulting (I know, banner looks pixellated but this is what I call – compromise – for file size restriction), I would like to share with you my experience while developing this innocent looking banner which only weighs 29.7kb.

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Yes, Colin Moock is coming to Singapore to conduct a full day of FREE Actionscript 3.0 workshop! I am sure attending and in fact I have already registered..

Date: Monday, 12 May 08
9:30am (9 hours)
Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre

Based on Moock’s best-selling Essential ActionScript 3.0 (O’Reilly, 2007), this one-day event covers the fundamental skills you need to program for Flash Player and Adobe AIR. Topics covered include object-oriented programming, classes, objects, variables, methods, packages, conditionals, loops, operators, functions, event handling, displaying things on screen, and compiling and running programs.

Register here before it’s full.


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