Optimising flash for search engines

I am guilty of spending too much time on designing and developing websites that I hardly spend much time on making them “search engine optimised”. Search engine is so powerful these days, people are reliant on it for almost all information they are trying to find. They don’t call anymore, they don’t ask, they search – and it is probably the fastest way into getting instant information.

Almost all of my websites are designed entirely in flash, they might be friendly to the eyes, but not exactly very friendly to search engines. This post a very serious problem especially when you’re relying on a website for your business. Clients wants sites to be in HTML and minimal flash so that it is searchable via search engines. Fair enough, moreover HTML can be deployed together with AJAX to minimise refreshes and put some life into the HTML pages by employing slight animation, but if you really love Flash like I do, you might want to SEO your full flash sites with – SWF Object

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For those of you who don’t know this yet, if you’re migrating from AS2.0 to AS3.0 or if you’re constantly using AS3.0 to develop your projects, this is a very handy ActionScript 3.0 Migration PDF reference. It clearly shows the difference between AS2.0 and AS3.0 and tells you what to import when using certain objects, it also tells you what objects has been removed in AS3.0. Certainly good to have it with you when developing AS3.0 projects or if you’re starting to learn AS3.0. There are also other cheatsheets for other platforms like AIR and Papervision which can be found here.


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