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Wired and Adobe working together to create the next generation of magazines. Looking pretty good.

The same high gloss magazines but with interactive elements. What a brand new experience!

Adobe announced that AIR would run on Android, and Adobe has already announced its Packager for iPhone tool that will allow Flash apps (including AIR) to run on Apple mobile platforms.

That is exciting! Can’t wait to leverage our existing AS3 skills to build native mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.


As proclaimed by Adobe, Flash Player is the world’s most pervasive application runtime, with content distributed over 98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops.

Click here to see new features. 
Get your new flash player here.

Adobe’s Creative Suite, the tools of our trade, is getting a bump onto it’s brand new version, Creative Suite – CS4. But it feels like we’ve only used CS3 for a while!

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