We just made a new screencast for SUBERNOVA, quickly demonstrating all the key features that will help people better manage their projects. Check it out (best viewed when played in fullscreen)!

If you haven’t heard of SUBERNOVA, it’s an online project management application (designed and developed by us!) that makes you more productive by taking the stress out of remembering important details of your projects, lets you track time, send invoices and estimates, collaborate with team mates or clients and keeps your business smooth by keeping tabs on late payments, deadlines and more.

About hex:

Hex is an interactive web design boutique that creates beautiful and well executed interactive websites.

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4 Responses to “New SUBERNOVA Screencast!”

  1. Laander says:

    Brilliant UI work, very smooth with neat JS goodness! Definately a considerable alternative to Basecamp.

  2. Hex says:

    Thanks for your compliment Laander! :)

  3. fatih b says:

    I discovered SuberNova with a coincidence. It meets my all requirements. Well designed, very clever and suitable with mac products. I think it is much better for small teams and freelancers than Basecamp and others.
    My all friends are impressed from that awesome features.

    But the thing that I dont understand, why you dont introduce this such an awesome product?

  4. Hex says:

    fatih: Yes, we definitely need to promote SUBERNOVA more. Glad that it works for you and thanks for your feedback! :)


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