Like many others, I don’t really get what Twitter is at first, if you’ve just started using Twitter, you might think that it’s just a scaled down version of Facebook’s “Status” component, updating what you’re doing occasionally and showing it to your network.

I thought so too but if you really use Twitter like you would using Facebook, you’ll never make the most out of Twitter’s potential.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is about updating what matters to you, what is interesting to you, and how these might be valuable to your followers once you update and share it with them. It’s all about providing value to your followers and in turn receiving them from people you choose to follow. It’s about 1 on 1 conversations with people, even with people you don’t even know, and being very personal about it.

Using Twitter for Search

Most often than not, I use Twitter’s search in substitution to Google to find out more information about things that I’m interested in, as the results you get from Twitter are real time voices of people. Take the Mumbai attacks incident for example, during the event, doing a search on Twitter will get you real time information about the incident, even right from the mouth of people who are at the place of incident, something that Google cannot provide in that sense.

Twitter for Marketeers

Twitter is also one of the most effective social network tools for marketeers to reach out to people who are interested about their products. Take Dell for example, who recently adopted Twitter for it’s marketing effort to spread the news about their latest promotion in real time and as a result earned $1million in revenue just by using Twitter itself. At last count Dell have 39,429 followers in their Twitter network. 39,429 people have followed Dell voluntarily to receive real time deals. Which means Dell can always reach out to 39,429 people in seconds whenever they want to spread the news about a deal.

Twitter for Bloggers

Twitter is great for content providers like bloggers for example. Everyone who blogs knows that it is very difficult to keep pumping out great content/post on their blogs for their community more than once a day, but by using Twitter, you can give out valuable information via short burst of tweets to your community who follows you on Twitter. Other than that, if you have a large community of followers, you can let them know via a tweet that you’ve updated your blog with a new post. When users find your post valuable and useful, they might tweet it to their network of followers and you will get increased traffic as a result.

Twitter Misuse

But hold your horses if you are thinking about using it purely as a marketing tool, and using it to solely to sell your product and not providing value or interacting with others. Because you’ll lose followers in the long run. Remember, Twitter is as much about giving as it is about taking.

Cost of Twitter

Twitter will remain free for use for everyone including individuals, celebrities and companies.

Here’s the latest post from Twitter’s blog regarding this.

Twitter has been free just like Facebook or any other social networks. It is still free, but recently there has been talks about Twitter getting down to business, charging commercial users soon, but how they define “commercial users” is still not clear at this point.

To find out more about using Twitter, checkout this great slideshow “How Twitter Changed my Life” (top of page), by business and entrepreneurship student MinXuan Lee.

You can get more tips and tricks about using Twitter at Twitip, a very useful blog about Twitter by Darren Rowse, a very successful blogger who started Problogger.net and Digital Photography School.

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